I have signed up for the Receiving Project.  The gist of The Receiving Project is that I declare my intention to receive a gift from the universe everyday for 32 days. This can come in any and every form. If I feel like it's a gift that I am able to receive then it counts. To assist in the process, I will receive an email from the project everyday for 32 days!  

To remind me of my gifts I am keeping a Gratitude Journal to document what I receive. 

To set my intention, it will be helpful to say it out loud, say it to myself (perhaps when I wake every day), read it or write it.  I find it helpful to do this everyday.  But that is not necessary.   There is no right or wrong way to do this project.  The intention that I set is, 

"It is my intention to receive gifts of loving from The Universe." 

If you have questions, comments or need support in your process,visit The Receiving project's Facebook page. 

Throughout the days, be aware of what gifts show up in your life.  These can come in all shapes and sizes!  I will be allowing myself to be surprised, as setting the intention to receive presents is a powerful beacon of attraction!  This isn't necessarily about receiving something specific.  Just be open to the goodness in The Universe and see what shows up.  

The Receiving Project is 32 day process designed to explore and enhance your ability to receive the multitude of gifts that life has to offer. Check out the website to sign up or for more info! www.ReceivingProject.com 

Love and sunshine, Anjanette


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